Traminer: a unique aromatic wine of its kind

It originates from the strain cultivated in Termeno (in Tramin dialect) which is ancient. For this reason, it seems to have taken its name with the aromatic wording (Gewurz) and precisely at the end Gewurtztraminer because it is one of the 4 Italian aromatic vine varieties.
For some it has distant French origins (Alasace, Palatinate or Jura) and seems to have similarities with the black berry Traminer which in France belongs to the Savagnin. But the similarity between the Aromatic and the Black Berry Traminer falls on the aromatic notes, which are absent in the black berry and, instead, are the typical characteristic of the Aromatic Traminer.
Regardless of the origin it has, it derives from a genetic mutation that has made the Traminer unique for its aromaticity.