The Band, founded in 2001, is as follows: Giuliano Sangiorgi (voice, guitar, piano), Emanuele “Lele” Spedicato (guitar), Ermanno Carlà (bass), Andrea “Andro” Mariano (piano, keyboard, synthesizer), Andrea “Pupillo” De Rocco (sampler, organ, choirs) and Danilo Tasco (drums, percussions). The 6 artists have achieved success thanks to their style, characterized by a very particular sound and sharp vocals, which has led them to become one of the leading rock bands of the Italian scene. The philosophy of the band and their strong connection and affection for the native land led them to choose the name inspired by the wine produced in Puglia and as stated by Giuliano Sangiorgi in an interview the explanation of the choice of this name does not stop at the mere link with the territory. The singer has indeed stated that Negroamaro “is a robust wine, but with a sweetish aftertaste”, thus highlighting the affinity between the taste of wine and the musical peculiarities of Negramaro.




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