The name Morellino could derive from the Horses used in the Maremma area called “Morelli” because of the black coat and without any trace of any other color. “Morelli” are a particular category called “of the Maremma region” typical of the Tuscan-Lazio area.The breed from the Maremma region is native to the area between Tuscany and Lazio and its origin has very precise physical characteristics: low stature (the average height is about 1 meter and a half); slim but muscular build; strong hooves; black or bay mantle; straight head; big and lively eyes, attentive ears; thick tail and mane.
This breed has very ancient origins (probably derives from the crossbreed between horses brought by the Celts and horses already present on the Italic soil) and before the introduction by Lorenzo the Magnificent of oriental stallions there was no distinction between the tuscan horses and the horses from Lazio.




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