Unity of Being understood not only by the senses (their impressions are at the end tenuous) but using the thought that allows in overcoming the false appearances of the senses and reaches the knowledge of being and the fundamental truth that All is One. Perhaps for no such jagged wine in various biotypes, denominations and historical hypotheses, dynamic thought has been so useful, over the centuries, to continue to define a unicum. Turning in mass culture, Adriano Olivetti, based on this way of thinking, called ELEA the generation of mass Super Computers in the 50s of which the Elea 9003 was the first fully transistor commercial computer. Thinking at the centre as well as feelings and wanting to be more worldly is perhaps why Valentino Garavani, the first great creator of Italian fashion that has imposed itself immediately with a creative thought and not only stylistic, that in the private cellar of his magnificent castle of Wideville, near Versailles, it places among the great wines of the international tradition also of the magnificent Aglianico both Campani and Vulture.





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